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Focusing on specific types of property is becoming more important for brokers and firms. In the information age, specialization is what drives results. Buyers and sellers want to know that the firm representing them has the most knowledge, expertise, and experience in their market. Our refined focus drives our transactions and ultimately our success.

Have you ever purchased a property that was not on the market? The most common way to search for property is to enter search criteria into a website or contact a broker. This method works, but it is limited. Each property that is listed or on-market represents multiple properties that are off-market. These can be the “needle in the haystack” property that would have been missed without using a Firm that searches for all properties matching your criteria and not only the ones which happen to be currently marketed.

Our goal is to make the dream of living around natural beauty a reality for our customers. Our buyers often tell us it is our attention to the details that sets us apart. Finding the perfect piece can be a challenge, but when you find a broker who is available through the entire transaction and understands your motivations the process becomes much more simple. We understand our expertise in property identification and negotiation is what earns us referrals and makes our reputation what it is today.

Selling property can be stressful for owners, especially when it has been in the family for generations.  Many times, our clients grew up on the property or have become attached to it for other reasons. With our expertise and specialized technology, we are able to show owners their property’s value and examples of potential buyers.  During the listing period, we use our specialized technology to track the amount of interest in a property and pinpoint specific zip codes where the interest has been generated. 

Lack of communication has always been the most common complaint regarding brokers.  We take great pride in asking how and when our clients would like to receive communication regarding their property.   It may be a phone call providing comments from potential buyers or sharing charts and data highlighting our client’s property versus a similar nearby property. If your preference is to have regular customized communication or to only sign the deed and deposit the check, we are happy to discuss your property with you.

We often have owners contact us to help them determine a fair price at which to market their property for sale. Often times, sellers have a buyer; however, they feel uneasy dealing directly with individuals they know personally and request guidance on navigating the process of real estate transactions. Our contacts include surveyors, appraisers, attorneys, foresters, and lending institutions that we are happy to include in the process of selling or buying real estate.

Owners regularly ask us, “Should I sell now, or should I wait?” We offer a market analysis to owners and strategies for maintaining appropriate tax structures to offset costs of ownership. We work with financial advisors on strategies to maximize portfolios, and we have successfully orchestrated multiple 1031 Tax Free Exchanges. For owners who will own properties for several years, or a longer period, we are happy to advise on land management, timber services, mineral rights, terrain conservation, and environmental conservation. We understand the importance of natural beauty on properties, and we believe that being a good steward of the earth is a responsibility of all property owners.

Occasionally, sellers need to sell quickly. Rural land is not typically as liquid as other properties. Sometimes, an auction can function in a way that general brokerage cannot by helping to establish a true market and the property’s value. We partner with auction houses which allow the owner to control how the sale will be conducted. The more buyers attracted to the auction, the more successful the sale of the property will be.

Empire South interacts with the auction house and markets the property, both on behalf of the seller. We will make sure you understand the process before, during, and after the auction through closing. If you have any questions regarding whether an auction may be best for you, please contact our office.

Our goal is to make the dream of living around natural beauty a reality for our customers.
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What our customers are saying.

"Brad and his office worked with me to sell some raw land in rural south Georgia. He found multiple buyers quickly, and the entire sale went quickly and smoothly. A very professional and responsive broker, I highly recommend Brad Church."
Eric Towers
"Brad was well informed in all areas with my quick home purchase. I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying a piece of Real Estate in the Southeast. I worked with Brad from out of state and everything went smoothly and quickly."
Cindy Mackle
"Brad’s thoroughness and professionalism with the sale of my property made it comfortable and stress free. His knowledge of the market is spot on and he is a joy to work with. I recommend him for his diverse marketing strategies and connections in real estate."
Lane M Hopkins