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About Us

 Empire South Realty Advisors has a track record of steady growth without overextending ourselves. This is the main reason we have survived in recent years during a turbulent real estate market and are standing on solid ground today. Beginning in 2006 our parent company began brokering properties in Georgia. From those roots we have grown to include buying, selling, developing, leasing, and even financing properties in the Southeastern United States. In summer of 2020 we will begin our 15th year of business

Our marketing strategy and client list is what sets us apart from our competition. A traditional brokerage house often times places a sign on the property, adds it to a local MLS, and places a few quick calls to their rolodex.  At the macro level we employ an international advertising campaign and at the micro level we contact each property owner nearby who could be a candidate as a buyer.  Our brand has exposure on hundreds of websites and a potential buyer roster of over 120,000 individuals. We are truly proactive in our approach rather than reacting to markets, which is why we have weathered the recent storm while experiencing growth each year.

Our staff and partners include individuals with backgrounds in property appraisal, timber brokerage, forestry, mapping technology, marketing, development, and finance. We are committed to high integrity transactions, environmental stewardship, and making the acquisition and disposition of Real Estate as seamless as possible for our clients.